I am an Oslo-based photographer with a MA in Visual Arts from the Folkwang School in Essen, Germany. After spending my childhood in Poland and attending school in Germany, I moved to Norway in 2001.

For over 30 years, my work has focused on landscape, architecture and space in general. While I began by taking a traditional approach to my practice, recently my work has evolved into a narrative confronting themes of identity and immigration. More and more, I find myself exploring this subject through the lens of historical consciousness and emphasising the human soul.

I have worked as a teacher since 2003, sharing my experiences with students and taking part in various workshops. In 2008, after teaching regularly at different institutions, I became a permanent member of the teaching staff at Bilder Nordic School of Photography in Oslo. While I am involved in a range of activities here, most of my time is spent guiding students through their personal projects.

Photo: Frank Jørstad