I am an Oslo based Photographer with a master education in Visual Communication from the Folkwang School in Essen/Germany. After my years of childhood in Poland and my school education in Germany, i moved to Norway in 2001.

My work focuses on themes of landscape and reflection of environment and architecture. While in the beginning I operated with a classical approach, my recent work developed into a narrative with essay character. It deals more and more with the subject based on historical happenings and emphasize the human soul.

In 2008, after giving regularly lessons in different institutions, i started to teach permanently at Bilder Nordic School of Photography in Oslo. Here I am involved in different kid of activities but mainly guid students through their personal projects. To confront universal truth through a personal approach is something I challenge and long after. In March 2017 I received a 3 year SKS Grand to fulfill my long term project, which focus on themes of identity and immigration.

Photo : Frank Jørstad