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The dummy book “Forty Five” (German title “Fünfundvierzig”) describes a sequence of image fragments that emphasise and contrast the presence of humans in their physical surroundings. Upon closer examination, the viewer becomes aware that all the images are shot through train windows.

The photographer’s journey is inspired by the rail journeys taken by earlier generations of the family, following the tracks from Ukraine to Oslo through present-day Europe. In 1945 this journey led to death; in 1978, it led to freedom. The confrontation becomes catharsis. Ukraine is both the trigger and the conclusion, making it the natural starting point for the book. Texts based on the individual journeys of each family member complement the image sequence while at the same time putting together the pieces of the puzzle. At this point in the journey, each family member turned 45.

The book’s narrative challenges questions of forced immigration, which has influenced the lives of countless families in Europe and the world as a whole, both in the past and the present.

The dummy book was short-listed for the Nordic Dummy Award and formed part of the exhibition tour to several Nordic countries and institutions.

May 9, 2018