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A great and challenging assignment for one of the very first electro car producers. Altogether 6 motives were planed by Mc Cann to show the idea of innovation, environmental care and simplicity. A 3D solution, which came straight up into my mind was not possible, because the cost became too high. We finally solved the whole production on location and in an enormous photoshop composite. Since there was no battery available during the photo shoot, we moved the car manually into each position. I had a big romantic landscape scenery in mind, which gave also a glimpse of association to an insight of a body. This was realized on a journey to the western countryside of Norway.

For the bee motive all necessary car parts for the image were delivered to my studio. Christian Bloom, a known Norwegian illustrator, was in charge of the drawings and the post production. Each part needed to be photographed in the right perspective and light to secure the final result. Since it was winter the leaf environment was finally realized in the Botanical Gardens in Oslo

Clent    :   Tine
Agency :   McCann Advertising Office
Illustration : Christian Bloom



December 20, 2011